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Soft Diamond Light

An Exquisite Artwork Production

Soft Diamond Light - More Information


Soft Diamond Light Artwork Production is

available at the T.S. Bookshop (Melbourne)




The Soft Diamond Light artwork production with Book & CD was

primarily created to launch the vision of Soft Diamond Light:


Vision of Soft Diamond Light

Creating a world peace & prosperity

for everyone on the planet!


This vision is now a part of the initiative,

Heart of Australia (26 October) below.



In this original and extraordinary work, Anatole expands the limits of the mind to explore the deeper mysteries and inner qualities of life. During more than 35 years of study, contemplation and meditation Anatole has distilled a unique perspective on how life manifests and evolves from esoteric and metaphysical principles. Through the words and music of Soft Diamond Light, Anatole provides a compelling look at the sublime linitless human potential existing within each one of us as spiritual beings.

Soft Diamond Light Artwork Production Specifications

  • The hardback book: ‘Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters’, 312pp, full colour; Music CD:
  • ‘Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light’ (15 tracks/62:16); CD booklet: Power of sacred music, 16pp;
  • Music CD insert: info on musicians, 4pp;
  • Elegant full-colour ‘clamshell’ case, velvet lining, diamond and lotus Illustration in holographic gold foil;
  • Beautiful presentation white gloss box with orange ribbon highlights.


The Creative Team


More Information - Artwork Production

Soft Diamond Light™ Reviews & Background  | Soft Diamond Light™ Photos & Reviews

Soft Diamond Light™ Brochure - Special Release

Soft Diamond Light™ Gem 1:

World Consciousness & Peace

(Part 1 of Book)

Soft Diamond Light™ Gem 2:

Eternity & the Unquenchable Fire of Divine Love

(Meditations & Insights - Part 2 of Book)

More Information - The Book

Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters

Written by Anatole Kononewsky



The Book, "Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters" is

available at the T.S. Bookshop (Melbourne)



Vision for Soft Diamond Light™

Vajrasattva & the Deva of Soft Diamond Light™

About the Image  |  "Matter of Light I" Oil Painting | Content

More Information - the CD Album

Only love matters:

music for Soft Diamond Light™

Composed & Produced by

Anatole Kononewsky



Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light™

Essence of the Music  |  Power within the Music | Vajrasattva Mantra

About the Composer & Producer



"I Know I Am" Sheet Music (Music Notes)






Performed by Tarryn Stoles

Winner of The Voice Australia (2023)


Official Music Video

Heart of Australia Reviews 2024 (PDF)

Song Review Slides

Words and Music by Anatole Kononewsky,

Barbara Hannan and Adrian Hannan

Heart of Australia Sheet Music (Musicnotes)



Heart of Australia Day (26 October)  |  Initiative Information Slides

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Creative Team

Anatole Kononewsky (Founder), Maggie Hamilton, Glen Barry,

Chris Frost, Tiriki Onus, Chris Hooper, Bronny Lane

Introduction (PDF, 287K)




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