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This section has been researched and put together as a "behind the scenes" collection of important global issues. They have been designed to stimulate discussion and debate. There are some highly controversial points of view put forward for your consideration. I invite everyone to approach them with an open, investigative attitude. In this regard, I would strongly suggest there are many things that are going on "behind the scenes" of our global governmental, business and financial systems that will be ultimately uncovered and revealed.

It may leave us wondering how on earth did we let this continue for so long under our noses?

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Not another day!

Imagine you lived in another part of our galaxy and were told that the people on planet Earth allow around 9.2 million of their newborn children to die an agonizing, horrible death every year from preventable causes. (“In 2007, 9.2 million children died before age five.” The State of the World’s Children 2009, (UNICEF), p22)

What would you think of the humanity of such a planet? What would think of their leaders?

I am deeply concerned that once again, and for yet another day, more than 25,000 children under five years old have died around the world a horrible and painful death, from preventable causes. (This has happened every day for more than 25 years!)


Eliminating starvation & malnutrition in the world could be achieved with 1.5% of the global military budget. >

"The International Famine Relief Agency could be funded with less than 32% of what the US spends on candy each year." >

To end Terrorism you must first stop the terrorism and abuse of our children around the world. >


Global Economic & Humanitarian Balance Sheet

Make money.OR Starving child


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Global News & Awareness


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"Global Economic Scandal"

We allowed it to happen!

The US Federal Reserve is a global money-making-machine-model. The web and entrapment of debt is a specially designed business model that has been created to systematically control governments, families and individuals. It ONLY continues because we allow it too.

Overview of the "Federal Reserve" >

Time to wake up! >

Global Economic System Collapse - 18 Sept 2008 >

US National Debt Clock >

(The US Federal reserve is earning interest on this amount.)

America is totally broke!! I.O.U.S.A. >

What kind of future are we creating for our children?


"Guns, Freedom, Salvery & Business" >




"The economics of the future are somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century. The acquisition of wealth is no longer a driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity."

Captain Jean Luke Picard, USS Enterprise

("Star Trek, First Contact')




One man ended the Vietnam War

Vietnam & the Pentagon Papers

"Commiting treason - greatest act of patriotism" >

In 1971 Defense Department analyst, former U.S. Marine company commander and anti-Communist Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the media and brought the Vietnam Was to an end. So many Vietnamese, American and Australian lives were lost simply to make lots of money for the bankers and their financing of the war machine.


What are we making weapons for?

Over the last 50 years we, as taxpayers, have spent more than 30 trillion dollars building bombs to make a relatively few people very, very, very rich. It's time for a change. Let us begin creating a world of peace and prosperity for everyone. This music video is a call to action.

"Let us Begin" >

Words & music by John Denver


The biggest medical scandal in history?

How positive are you? "The Other Side of AIDS" PLAY >

Global Mental Health. ( This is insane.) PLAY >  

Never have so few made so much money, from so many doing something so stupid. VIEW >


Rebuilding the World

If we literally rebuild the world by providing a quality of life to everyone on this planet then we will have gone a long way to eliminating the primary cause of "terrorism": children growing up in an abusive environment of violence, fear, insecurity and poor living standards.

Each one of us can start demanding that our governments begin allocating a portion of their defence budgets to rebuilding of the entire infrastructure of the world. (This would be the single greatest factor for eliminating the need for a defence budget in the first place.)

Namely, we provide the following as a basic human right to EVERYONE on the planet:

  • stable reliable source of electricity,
  • ample, accessibe clean water,
  • wholesome staple food,
  • appropriate housing,
  • good access roads,
  • reliable public transport,
  • quality health-care, medical facilities and
  • appropriate educational institutions.

By doing this we will be addressing the above fundamental cause of "terrorism" and providing the basis for creating a peaceful and prosperous world for all of humanity.

The key to bringing any idea into reality:


There is a mysterious metaphysical secret of manifestation hidden within the power of persistence. Namely, the capacity for an idea (thought form) to materialise in the physical world is directly proportional to the persistence of one’s desire or spiritual will.

Play Movie >


"Seeing the Invisible"™

There's more to life than meets the eye >



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Video Documentaries

"Our Children's Future, in Our Hands"

Written & Directed by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

Part 1 of 4 >
Part 2 of 4 >
Part 3 of 4 >
Part 4 of 4 >


Poem by Robert Kiyosaki (Written for launch of video.)


"What if? A New Global Option"

Produced & Co-written by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

Part 1 of 2 >
Part 2 of 2 >




"When does it become economically viable to stop destroying the planet?"

Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


Speak out, stand up, take action

Children suffer the most in war!

Martin Luther King photo

Martin Luther King Jr. >

Starting in 1965, King began to express doubts about the United States' role in the Vietnam War. In an April 4, 1967, appearance at the New York City Riverside Church — exactly one year before his death — King delivered Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence. In the speech he spoke strongly against the U.S.'s role in the war, insisting that the U.S. was in Vietnam "to occupy it as an American colony" and calling the U.S. government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.".

Last speech of Martin Luther King Jr. >


In 2003 the U.S. government preemptively invaded Iraq on subsequently proven, unfounded reasons. It is worthy of note that the majority of American people, along with the rest of the world, were against going to war.

Iraq Body Count >

And then there is Afghanistan...

Over to President Obama? >


"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Martin Luther King Jr.


Vision for Soft Diamond Light:



Music Videos


"See the world in you" >

Words & music by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


Some of my favoutirs music videos

Surprise contestant in talent show - truly inspiring >

Big voice, little girl - just sensational >

A real hoot - really amazing >

Six year old singer of pure heart >

If you're feeling down, WATCH THIS >

Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D (with a twist) >

Especially for Money & You graduates.


Coffee Protection Society - "Eleven over Eight" >

Sample tracks of their latest CD.



With children it starts with creating one safe place.

"One safe place" >

Words & music by Marc Cohen.


This song also says it all: Tell me why? >


Global Climate Change

"How it all ends" >

This short video is a breath of fresh air. It’s raw, smart, fun, elegant, poignant and light. There is finally an approach to global climate change that:

  1. Seems to make good sense.

  2. Seems to create a way of uniting different points of view, no matter what you believe about Global Climate Change and,

  3. Finally, it seems to show how we can all agree, with confidence, as to what is needed to be done?

Climate Controversies

Part 1: Temperature trends >

Part 2: Unsettled science >


World Government of World Citizens

"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government..."


Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"There is no first step to world government; world government is the first step."

Emery Reves, The Anatomy of Peace, 1945.


Pledge of allegiance to the WGWC confirms >

  • A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present.

  • A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one.

  • A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others.

  • A World Citizen, as a global person, relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle.

  • A World Citizen politically accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies.

  • A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying & respecting view- points of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world.

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