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Ending Child Abuse | Creating remarkable children!




The Soft Diamond Light global initiative was launched and introduced in the book, which part of the Soft Diamond Light package. The initiative is dedicated to ending child abuse, while at the same time, creating remarkable children on our planet by supporting and empowering the united efforts of existing, aligned initiatives and organisations on our planet.

"The Soft Diamond Light global initiative is dedicated to bringing the vision of ending child abuse and creating remarkable children on our planet into a living reality.

I believe child abuse is the single most significant cause of everything wrong on this planet. Conversely, creating great kids who can reach their full potential is the single most effective way to create a world of peace and prosperity for everyone on this planet.

By ending all forms of child abuse; by nurturing and nourishing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of all our children in every country around the world we can transform our planet.

Creating remarkable children is by far the most powerful, effective way of creating a world of peace and prosperity for everyone on this planet. Every child has the right to the following fundamental lifestyle: a life that is Safe; a life that is Secure and a life that is totally Successful.

By Safe I mean totally free from any form of violence, and any preventable or unnecessary physical, emotional and mental pain and/or harm.

By Secure I mean the appropriate supply of high-quality nutrition, accommodation, protection, care and love.

By Successful I mean the provision of an environment and atmosphere that stimulates, encourages and supports the realisation of their full physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential.

Ending child abuse
The world’s current problems are a direct reflection of the vicious cycle of child abuse. Child abuse is the offspring of the torments of anger, which breeds and festers into hate; this hate is fuelled by the ignorance of fear and burns with the senseless cycle of cruelty and suffering.

When examined from an esoteric point of view, we see the perverse irony of an individual of one religion or race engaging in mortal battle with an individual of another religion or race, then each individual reincarnating in their next life in the opposite religion or race and compulsively perpetuating the conflict, life after life after life. It epitomizes one definition of 'insanity', namely, to continue to do the same thing and expecting things to change."

Excerpt: 'Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters', Kononewsky, Anatole Petrovich, 2010

How do we create a planet of citizens where the global political and economic focus becomes how we can all better ourselves and the lives of others? Ultimately it is our individual, collective action that can make a change to the world we live in.

We all know that children are the foundation of humanity. An investment by the united nations of the world to end all forms of child abuse and focus on creating great kids makes sense from a spiritual, humane, moral, ethical and economic point of view. The only way this can be achieved is when sufficient individuals from around the world start to realise the great power in the united effort of people taking direct, non-violent and conscious action to assert their democratic will on business and major corporations around the world.

It is time to stop making profits at any cost to humanity and/or the planet. It is time to stop making profits that result in the direct or indirect abuse of children and/or the environment they live and breath in. The focus of business must turn to consciously making profits. A corporation must contribute back to the society above and beyond their mere product and/or service.

This is not a dream for the future but a reality we can start living now by the choices we make right now with how we spend our money. The power of conscious spending and voting is in our hands.

The current world problems are a direct reflection of the vicious cycle of child abuse. When we create a culture and environment where they know they can be safe, secure and successful, as outlined above, then I believe we will have a world with everyone capable of living in peace and prosperity. This starts right now in our daily lives and with our families.

The Soft Diamond Light package has been created to inspire support for "Soft Diamond Light vision for world peace" (as outlined in the book) and the global initiative: ‘Ending Child Abuse. Creating remarkable children!’

Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


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