nature of reality

Adept Aura

Adept, "Man visible & Invisible" by Charles W. Leadbeater, Theosophical Publishing House


We are all part of an amazing scheme of spiritual evolution whose path is ultimately destined to reach the limitless heights of joy, serenity and love.

"Nature is infinite in all directions. There is no smallest finite size, and no largest finite size. Between the two abstract limits of the infinite and infinitesimal, there is an unimaginable diversity of concrete, finite entities and things, of infinitely varied sizes and composed of infinitely varied grades of energy-substance, all of them alive and conscious to some degree. Every entity or system – atoms, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. and the living entities that form them and inhabit them – is composed of smaller entities and forms part of ever larger entities. In addition, any particular entity or system is composed of a spectrum of energy-substances, from relatively physical to relatively spiritual. And every hierarchy of interacting worlds is merely one in an endless series, stretching ‘upwards’ to increasingly ethereal realms, and ‘downwards’ to increasingly denser realms." (1)


"Apart from the lowest etheric levels, which can be considered as the highest subplanes of our own physical plane, the inner, invisible worlds cannot be probed directly with physical instruments. However, the existence of subtler planes and bodies can be inferred from a wide range of ‘anomalous’ phenomena. (2) Accurate first-hand knowledge of some of the higher planes forming part of our own system of worlds can only be gained by those who have sufficiently developed their inner occult faculties and powers. (3) The adepts say that they build their philosophy on ‘experiment and deduction’ (4) but their field of investigation extends far beyond the outer physical shell of nature." (1)



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