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Soft Diamond Light is a gift package based on the image, book and music of Soft Diamond Light. The phrase ’Soft Diamond Light’ refers to the energy of our inner Self – our spiritual essence. It was created to provide a physical manifestation and expression of this essence as a piece of artwork.


The first edition artwork production of the gift package includes:

  • Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters (Full colour, 312pp, hardback book).
  • Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light (CD 15 tracks, Stereo 62:16)
  • Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond (Full colour booklet, 16pp)
  • CD insert (Full colour)
  • Full colour presentation custom designed gift box


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Power of Soft Diamond Light

The image, book and the music are empowered with a powerful source of energy connected to this lineage of spiritual masters. The Soft Diamond Light image represents the extraordinary power of your inner Self, while the music holds the vibratory energy of your inner Self. This occurs as you become more attuned and absorbed into the fullness of the present. The image, book and music are offered to the planet for the 21st Century. They were created for your enjoyment, information and spiritual awakening.


The Soft Diamond Light gift package

The package was evolved over many, many years. The essential premise behind the image, book and music, is that with every physical piece of artwork, literature and music comes the sum total of the vibratory energy invoked and generated during its production. This exists in the form of an animated and vitalised thought-form (which holds the sum total of all the thinking and feeling that went into the creation). It is the actual personal power behind the physical creation of any book, music and/or artwork. In other words, the book, piece of music and image has the potential to impact you with the fullness of the vibratory note of its thought-form. The crucial fact to realise is that most of what is going on around us is invisible. Namely, the gift package is empowered by the “visual mantra” of the Soft Diamond Light image and the vibratory energy of the music for Soft Diamond Light. The essence of both are more fully understood by the wisdom of the heart.


Deva of Soft Diamond Light

The package has been consciously energised with the invocation of a long lineage of spiritual masters and an awakened angelic presence. This devic energy is responsible for overseeing the generation and distribution of its inner power. It has been purposefully designed to assist us to become enlightened as to who we really are and to awaken our inner Self. A deva or angel is invoked wherever the book and music reside. This deva focuses the distribution of the energy created by Soft Diamond Light. The image, book and music are infused with the blessings of the deva, empowered by an auspicious lineage of spiritual Masters. They act as talismans of power for this devic and angelic energy. Anyone can choose to cooperate with this energy of Soft Diamond Light to assist in raising the vibration of consciousness within all of life.


Image of Soft Diamond Light

The Soft Diamond Light image was inspired from a powerful meditation experience while living in an ashram during 1992. The image subsequently became the catalyst for the creation of the book, “Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters”. The key principles of creative manifestation are introduced in the book. The book seeks to provide some different pathways, and to open some new doorways for examining the true purpose of our lives in a different light.


Music for Soft Diamond Light

The creation and production of the music, “Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light” emerged some time later after the concept for the book. The music was ultimately entirely based around a song written and performed for my spiritual teacher in her ashram on my birthday in 1997. The CD, produced to honour this performance, evolved into one piece of music made up of thirteen moves, the song and a reprise. The more you dive into the music and dance with its rhythm, the more the music will invite you into its arms with its moments of simple serenity and fill you with the fullness of its inner power.

"The beauty of the music rests in its ability to entice the listener to hear the silence and power within the notes. The music is saturated with the power of a lineage of spiritual masters within its notes."

Soft Diamond Light Lotus


Soft Diamond Light gift package

The Soft Diamond Light gift package is to be presented to selected individuals and world leaders to inspire a vision for creating a world of peace and prosperity for everybody on this planet. Its purpose is to support the "Soft Diamond Light vision for world peace" (as outlined in the book) and global initiative:

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