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Anatole is a published writer, composer and film-maker with 40 years experience in entrepreneurial and senior executive roles, He has met three Australian Prime Ministers and challenged two others, receiving acknowledgement from many world leaders over the years and worked with international celebrities supporting the future of our children and the environment. Anatole recently founded the inspired THINKING Institute (*), publishing Soft Diamond Light. He is currently developing SuperConnectivity, explaining the science & metaphysics of stillness. Pursuing a lifelong study of spiritual discipline and practices, living in ashrams around the world. Anatole has also published a major life work - the Soft Diamond Light package - which includes his new book and sacred music CD. In 2011 Anatole was invited to be the closing speaker on a panel experts for the final session of the Conference, "BIG Issues: Inspirational Thinking" in Melbourne, Australia for one of the most powerful business networks in the world, the World's President's Organisation and Young President's Organisation.

The Heart of of Australia Day was founded by Anatole, inspired by the song, "Heart of Australia". The song was composed with platinum award-winning producers/ song-writers Adrian Hannan and Barbara Hannan. The Heart Awards were inpsired by Maggie Hamilton and Glean Barry as part of this special day.

On October 26 each year, the Heart of Australia Day will celebrate the living heart of these lands and its peoples. Uniting Australians to give voice to what we truly love about each other…

Anatole is currently focused on the Research & Development of a disruptive technology for increasing the capacity for power generation on the planet based on the proof of concept for an overlooked scientific principle in nature.

Expertise & Experience
He has more than 20 years expertise and experience in R&D of disruptive, innovative technology from inception to commercialisation.

Anatole founded Global Valve Technology Ltd (GVT) in 1999. It has been investigating disruptive Technologies. To date, it has successfully commercialised three innovative, disruptive patented products of value to the community into a highly conservative water industry market.

He is an inventor, composer, filmmaker, author & entrepreneur with 40 years experience of initiating, developing and successfully implementing major technology and creative projects. He was involved in humanitarian & environmental projects since the early 70’s, working with many world leaders.

He published "Soft Diamond Light" in 2010, a philosophical treatise, introducing the "Universal Manifestation Principle". He is focused on turning the world around by going beyond what we thought was possible!

(*) Formerly called the Quantum Thinking Institute Pty Ltd.


"You have always been so committed to the betterment of humanity — specially children's conditions. We'll always support your work!"

DC Cordova, CEO of Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You, 2013



“…this video offers a unique solution to many of our current global problems… creating a focus for global co-operation."

The Late John Denver, singer & environmentalist


 “Thank you for all that you do and give to this planet”

Kim Kiyosaki Author: “Rich Woman”



"Let's advance the sentiments of Soft Diamond Light by bringing harmony and synergy among each and every one of us."

Susan Barton AM, Founder Lighthouse Foundation Ltd


"As one of Lighthouse's most enduring supporters... All of our great achievements wouldn't be possible now, without the support and assistance you provided in the early days. You are a precious friend of Lighthouse, we value your continued support and advocacy for homeless and abused youth."

Michelle Michie, Director of Fundraising, Lighthouse Foundation, 2013



“Her Majesty Queen Noor has requested me to convey Her appreciation for sending her a copy of the letter to the Prime Minister of Australia, which She read with interest, and for your commitment to humanitarian causes.”

      Private Secretary to HM Queen Noor of Jordan, 2002


"I suppose I can cite as an example a publication earlier this year by Mr Anatole Kononewsky, a Senior Research Officer at the Institute. Mr Kononewsky made the first detailed analysis of just what it was actually costing to maintain the criminal justice system throughout Australia."

The Attorney General of Australia - Mr R.J. Ellicott Q.C. - 12 Nov 1976 Q


Letters to the Prime Minister of Australia


Creative Productions

He has currently three major creative productions in development:

1. A Global Initiative focused on respecting ourselves, each other and the land.

2. A theatrical music & dance production inspired by a classical story told by his spiritual teacher. It incorporates the music composed by Anatole over the last 35 years.

3. A contemporary ballet to be choreographed to the music of “Only love matters”. (Released as an album in the Soft Diamond Light package. The 15 tracks were originally created to be heard as one piece of music.

It was in the 70's, while completing a Science Degree at the University of New South Wales and working part-time at the Computing Services Unit that he became interested in metaphysics and superphysical principles governing nature. This initiated his journey and exploration over the next 45 years into the vast practical applications of these principles in our daily lives. Anatole has been involved in humanitarian, and environmental projects since the early 1970’s, and his philanthropic qualities have continually motivated him throughout his career.

He was a co-founder of the Homeland Foundation in 1977 - at one time, a sister community at that time to the well-known Findhorn Community in Scotland, founded by Peter & Eilleen Caddy - which offered educational programs for living in harmony with life. He also volunteered his services for more than six years as Director of PRASAD Australia Limited, a not-for-profit organisation supporting health and education programs in India, and almost five years as Founder & Chairman of the youth-focused 'Before it's Too Late Trust' - working with acclaimed authors and speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki and Max Walker. As a writer and filmmaker,

Anatole produced various documentaries in the early 1990s including “Our Children’s Future is in our Hands” and a video documentary with international singer and environmentalist John Denver, based on the work of Dr R.Buckminster Fuller, which became a vehicle for launching a project for global cooperation by the Global Energy Network Institute.


Disruptive Global Technologies

As an Entrepreneur, Anatole has been developing and commercialising products over the last 16 years with global commercial and environmental applications. As Managing Director of Earthsupport Technologies Pty Ltd he has specialized in the incubation, development and commercialisation of innovative startup businesses over the last 13 years.

He founded his flagship company, Global Valve Technology Limited in 1999. It is producing low carbon footprint; energy saving; lower cost; more efficient and 100% lead free water meter and water valves. He was Executive Chairman of the company until 2004. He remains a director of Global Valve Technology, which is now an innovative technology company strategically focused on researching and developing commercial applications for its range of valve technologies across multiple industries. It has received support and acknowledgement from the Australia Government. The improved product designs reduce energy consumption while providing an environmental benefit of decreasing carbon output at the same time.

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As co-inventor, he has also established the company, Clean PowR Pty Ltd in 2013 involved in the R & D of novel, energy generation technologies. He has a unique and specialist understanding of intellectual property development. (He has also developed a program called Real Estate of the MIND™ via his privtae consultancy company, Earthsupport Technologies Pty Ltd.



“Your music took my breath away touched the core of my being.”
Susan Barton AM, founder, Lighthouse Foundation, 2011

"...a very special book, just reading it is like meditation, the book is utterly fascinating and makes for a compelling read. The Soft Diamond Light creation is a marvel – The design, detail and quality of the materials are first class.”

Margaret Gee, Author/Presenter. 2010

"The principles I have learned (from Anatole) are very powerful and help my clients increase their effectiveness and unleash their inner greatness in the world of business.”

John Matthews co-Founder & Director, Institute of Executive Coaching (Australia)

                   “Thank you for all that you do and give to this planet”

Kim Kiyosaki Author: “Rich Woman”

“…this video offers a unique solution to many of our current global problems… creating a focus for global co-operation."

John Denver, singer & environmentalist. '89

“…the driving force behind projects altering the course of our planet’s future.”

Robert Kiyosaki, International speaker & author of Best seller: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

"The video has become a sensational success overseas, it has made a major difference to introducing this proposal (world-wide).”

Peter Meisen, Founder/President, Global Energy Network Institute - 1991

"The video is one of the most powerful tools you would ever want to use…”

Max Walker, Australian Cricket player and National TV Sports commentator, 1993

“Congratulations, the video is spectacular.”

Robert Kiyosaki, International speaker & author of Best seller: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

“…was very impressed with your work.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce, U.S. Senate Adviser on Early Childhood Development, speaker & best selling author, "Magical Child".

“I have worked with ‘Before it’s Too Late’ on some of their programs and they are doing great work. They are focused on creating a cooperative spirit by motivating the community, business and youth support organisations to work together to help solve the vast array of challenges facing our kids.”

Angry Anderson AM, Singer

“(the Earthsupport Business program) ...opened the door to a number of major national and international projects.”

Managing Director, Maree International Accessories, 1993

“The Before it’s Too Late project is such a positive way of supporting children... You have my support.”

Lulu, International Singer and Actor.

"Australia wants to link with the world's economy, initiatives such as 'A Look Down Under’ can help create vital links between companies…"

Senator Button, Launch, TV Series to USA, 1988. “A Look Down Under"

“Anatole has displayed considerable judgment, tenacity and good decision making in corporate governance issues. He is able to take a transaction through its entire life process, from original presentation, negotiation, documentation and settlement.”

  Peter McCrohon BA, LLB, M.Com,    M.Tax, Partner, MBP Legal, 2004

“Anatole’s expertise includes the ability to provide a high level overview of patent issues while managing a patent portfolio and designing a patent strategy which fits with the commercialisation of a product/process.”

David Clark: Partner, Blake Dawson Patent Services, 2004

“There has been significant comment from some of our competitors along the lines that the sleeping giant is waking’. Congratulations on a job that is being well done…”

R.F. Lawson, General Manager - Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, 1997 Major advertising campaign Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

"Anatole Kononewsky coordinated the creation of the Operation Systems manuals for the Lighthouse Foundation. The manuals have proved to be extremely practical and useful. They have made a huge difference in the operation of our whole organisation and have paved the way for further development and growth to take place.”

Susan Barton AM, Founder, The Lighthouse Foundation, 1995



He started his music career during the 1960’s while still at school playing keyboards in the successful highschool Rock'n'Roll band, Sebastian Hardie. He played keyboards in the band with the well-known Australian singer and performer Jon English. Anatole was also in the backing group for the legendary singer, Johnny O’Keefe, Australia's first King of Rock'n'Roll. Since that time,

Anatole has composed a number of original musical productions, classical compositions and songs. This culminated in the production of the music CD for the Soft Diamond Light package.


This work was created to launch the vision of Soft Diamond Light: Creating a world of peace & prosperity for everyone on the planet. He proposes the most important, powerful and effective way this can be achieved is by: Ending Child Abuse. Creating remarkable children.


Executive Positions

His first position was as Senior Research Officer with the Australian Institute of Criminology. he has held other positions as Deputy Commissioner (Systems) Department of Finance and Creative Director for In-Alignment Productions. While at the Australian Institute of Criminology, Anatole published his first major research report, "The Cost of the Criminal Justice System: An analysis" at the bequest of the, then Federal Attorney-General of Australia, Robert Ellicott. The publication received national media coverage. Anatole was also responsible for initiating and establishing the original CINCH service at the Australian Institute of Criminology in 1976.

He created the name, CINCH as an acronym for "Computerised Information from National Criminological Holdings". The service is now in operation online called CINCH - the Australian Criminology Database.

He was responsible for the development of a major computer system for the Land Tax office at the Department of Finance in NSW during 1985-86. This system won the Gold Productivity Award, presented by the Governor General in 1988.

During the early 90's he pioneered the concept of "Earthsupport Business Projects". He worked with many leading companies who wanted to produce a means of giving something back into the community or to the environment that was above and beyond their product or service.

In 2001, he was invited to be part of formulating the Environment Industry Action Agenda (EIAA). This is a strategic 10-year plan to strengthen Australia's environment industry.


Writer & Filmmaker

Anatole has always made a positive difference in this world, initiating a number of humanitarian and environmental projects in collaboration with global leaders and celebrities. In the 70’s, he was one the co-founders of a pioneering educational Foundation, the Homeland Foundation (still in existence).

He produced a video documentary in 1989 with an introduction by international singer and environmentalist, John Denver. This video, "What if? A New Global Option." presented a project based on the work of Dr R. Buckminster Fuller to create global cooperation. The video became a vehicle for launching this project onto the world stage.

As a writer, filmmaker and composer he produced three video documentaries, plus some highly successful corporate videos. In the early 90's he pioneered and co-created the concept for "Earthsupport Business Projects,” and the program “Getting to the Heart of your Business” inspiring business to give back into the community.

He was the Founder/ Chairman of the “Before its Too late Trust”, created to support our children's future. As Chairman he addressed public audiences internationally, working with authors, Robert Kiyosaki and Max Walker to promote the Before it's Too Late project and the launch of the documentary, "Our Children's Future in Our Hands". This documentary is still being used by teachers and students around the world.

He was a director of PRADAD Australia Ltd for six years and continues his support for the Lighthouse Foundation Limited and Global Energy Network Institute.

Anatole was also the writer and director for the documentary produced for the Worawa Aboriginal College in Victoria, Australia called, “Leading the Way, A natural way of learning”.


TV Series

In the late 80’s, Anatole co-founded his first entrepreneurial project, a successful production of a 16 week Export development TV series showcasing Australia technology to the US, called, "A Look Down Under". This was via a publicly listed company, ProMedia Limited. It was endorsed by the Australian Government.



Anatole has lived in ashrams and pursued a strong focus of discipline, spiritual practices, study, contemplation and meditation for the last forty years. This forms the foundation of his worldly life. He is a father and grandfather, which he unequivocally states is his greatest source of enjoyment, fulfilment and life achievement.


Three Documentaries | Three Iniitiatives | Three Songs

"Our Children's Future in Our Hands"

(Documentary by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky)







“It’s absolutely beautiful!."

Leon Nacson, International Bestselling Author



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