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Essence of the Music


The uniqueness of the album, "Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light" is that it is essentially one piece of music, composed of thirteen moves, one song and a reprise. Each of the tracks were inspired and based on the same melody of the song, ‘I know I Am’, written on 4th January 1993 for my meditation teacher and performed for her in 1997 (*). The album was subsequently produced to honour and celebrate this special experience.

The album creates a musical shape and experience to take the listener on a journey to their inner Self.

 “The music of Soft Diamond Light doesn’t seek to grab you by the ears or hit you over the head with its presence. Instead, like a trusted friend and lover, it looks to win your heart by caressing your expectations and snuggling up to your senses. The more you dive into the music and dance with its rhythm, the more the music will invite you into its arms with its moments of simple serenity and fill you with the fullness of its power.”

'Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters', Anatole Kononewsky

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'Soft Diamond Light' artwork production.