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First Live Performance of the song, "I know I am" (1997)

Inspired creation of Album: 'Only love matters: Music for Soft Diamond Light', (Released 2022)


Sydney, Australia 25 March 1997

On 25 March 1997, we were invited to perform the song, “I Know I Am” for my spiritual teacher at her Sydney Ashram in Australia. (I was given a photo record of this experience after she left…)


Joyous Interchange

My spiritual teacher asked, “What’s the guitar for?” It was innocently, yet strategically, placed at the back of the room. Gail explained the ashram residents had a song we wanted to sing her. She nodded and the residents took their places. My spiritiual teacher then asked for a chair to be brought in for me and placed right up next to her. She very sweetly tugged one of the residents to move closer to her chair so that we could all fit in. She then asked Gail to give the words to the song to me so I could read them.

Gail, replied, “He wrote them.” My teacher just laughed.


25 Mar 1997


A Beautiful Connection

I introduced the song to my spiritual teacher. I explained the song had been written especially for her. I asked her to imagine we had all been transported to her ashram in India. We were sitting on the hilltop, in the early evening with a beautiful full moon shinning brightly and a cool, caressing breeze blowing gently.

During the song my spiritual teacher, who seemed to be enjoying the words and devotional feeling generated by the song, looked with so much love into the eyes of all the Ashram residents singing.

At one point during the song my spiritual teacher looked directly into me, but then just kept on looking and looking. For a split second it almost surprised me, but her look was so serene and filled with love I just became completely lost in the openness of my heart and more absorbed in the look and the song. It was a divine interlude.


25 Mar 1997 Look


In fact, I became embedded in this extraordinary experience. It was a deep and powerful connection that lasted for what seemed an eternity. At the time I had no rationalisation of its significance as I was beyond all thought, yet I knew something of extraordinary significance had transpired and in retrospect I am beginning to view it as one of the most important moments in my life.

After the song, I presented a gift to her of a drawing of her guru. I also shared my Sankalpa. (An intention, to connect with your heart's deepest desire.) I had contemplated this Sankalpa for many, many months, prior to the arrival of my spiritual teacher in Australia. I had read it to myself, day after day.


Divya Diksha Anniversary & Birthday Celebration

A week later on my birthday, 1 April 1997, my spiritual teacher made a surprise visit to the ashram again. When she was in the Meditation Hall with the Sydney community she asked for the song to be performed again to everyone in the hall.

After performing the song to my spiritual teacher, she said it was “the perfect song.”

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