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Power within the music

The power within the music rests in listening to the album from the beginning to its end. It is preferably at one time. This is the basis for the current development of a contemporary ballet productions based on the album, "Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light".


Listening to the entire album at one time allows the thought form of the music to be completely manifested and utilised for maximum benefit by the spiritual will of the deva of Soft Diamond Light. The more intently you listen to the music, the more you add your energy of love to this “thought form”, then the more it becomes enlivened as a great force for good. Your cooperation with the angel of Soft Diamond Light becomes a powerful vehicle for service and uplifting the planet.

“The power in music is not just about what you hear, it’s more about what you don’t hear. It is the intangible, spiritual, mental and emotional energy that comes with the music. This has the greatest effect – it is this energy behind the scenes that makes all the difference. The power of the music rests in becoming aligned with, attuned to, and absorbed in the music. All the tracks lead to, and form a foundation for, the song, ‘I know I am’.”

'Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters', Anatole Kononewsky

At this time the sacred power of sound and music is being reawakened so that the enjoyment of music can be combined with its power to heal and uplift. Every cell in our body, our emotions and our thoughts are all sound resonators that create rhythmic patterns. The vibration of music affects this pattern in our thoughts, desires and physical bodies.

“I believe music always maintains a connection to the composer and origins of the source of the music. The music of Soft Diamond Light has been purposefully and specifically linked to a long line of spiritual Masters. Therefore this power is embedded into the very fabric of its sound. The power exists within and between the notes of the music. It is the invisible power of the music which is utilized by the deva or angel of the music, the Vajrasattva.”

Anatole Kononewsky






'Soft Diamond Light' artwork production.