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Vajrasattva & the Deva of Soft Diamond Light

The Deva of Soft Diamond Light is empowered by the energy of the Vajrasattva. At the start of 2002, I found a gold and silver statuette of the ‘vajrasattva’ in an Indian shop in Sydney. I felt a compelling connection and attraction to this statue from the moment I saw it.

After I learnt a little more about the background of the Vajrasattva and that a monk had handcrafted it in Nepal, I decided to acquire it.  I took the statuette back to the ashram where I was staying and placed it on my meditation puja.


“As I looked directly at the statuette I was immediately engulfed by a powerful radiance of energy emanating from it. The intensity and gentleness of this experience inspired the name of this book, Soft Diamond Light. “

Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


The vajrasattva is the bodhisattva of purification, and represents the purity of awareness or ultimate reality, blazing in the glory of perfect form and symmetry. One arm holds a vajra to his heart and the other has a bell at his left hip. A vajra is the indestructible thunderbolt or diamond that destroys all kinds of ignorance. The vajra symbolises the masculine principle, held in the right hand, and the bell symbolises the feminine aspect, held in the left hand. The bell stands for wisdom. The bell and vajra are inseparable ritual objects and together they lead to enlightenment.

Vajra (Sanskrit) literally means ‘diamond’ or ‘thunderbolt’. The vajra is a mystical reference to the indestructible qualities and reflective powers of the diamond. It is also said that the one possessing this diamond thunderbolt possesses great spiritual, intellectual and psychic powers.

Sattva (Sanskrit) is defined as the true essence, spiritual essence, reality or true being. Sattva is the quality of truth, goodness reality, purity.






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