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Soft Diamond Light,
Only love matters

By Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky





Part one: Soft Diamond Light


Vision of light
Mission of love

I The image

Soft Diamond Light image: Power behind the book

II The music

The sound of Soft Diamond Light:

Power of spiritual initiation
Power of sacred music

Music of Soft Diamond Light:

Story behind the song, ‘I know I am’
Between the notes in the present moment

III The book

Exploring the essential process of manifestation
Story behind the book: The fire of manifestation

Universal Manifestation Principle

Soft Diamond Light vision for world peace


Part two: Only Love Matters

Using the Meditations and Insights: Inner wisdom

Meditations & Insights I: Master & Disciple
Meditations & Insights II: The Nature of Life


‘Only love matters’: music for Soft Diamond Light


      Meditations & Insights I: Master & Disciple
      Meditations & Insights II: The Nature of Life

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About the author

‘Matter of Light I’ painting

Light & Love