Three Essential Principles for Understanding How Life Works!


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Consider the possibility that our personalities form a unique blend of 3 types of energy: mental energy; emotional energy and vital energy. These 3 energies are both hidden and revealed through an outer shell called the dense physical body. (Assume the first two energies exist at higher vibratory levels and every idea creates a ‘thought-form’ in mental space and requires to be infused with the 'energy of motion' or emotion.) I suggest the single most common reason for not manifesting an idea is simply the lack of motion or persistence. In other words, holding a strong enough; clear enough ‘thought-form’ for long enough in mental vibratory space allows the idea to be vitalized and animated by the vibratory energy of desire or emotion, which can then subsequently emerge into the next vibratory space of physical reality via the medium of vital energy, prana or chi. These energies, in turn, vitalise the physical body into action.

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The main reason we do not manifest our dreams is due to a phenomenon, I call 'Egoference™'.

(This concept is introduced in the book, 'Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters.')




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The ability to materialize ideas is directly proportional to the level of appropriate persistent application of emotional energy to mental energy. Namely, desiring an idea. (In other words, action and speech are the direct result of thoughts under the influence of desires.) It is very important to realize we are responsible for the effect of all our thoughts, especially those that we reveal in this world via our actions and speech. A very powerful concept to grasp is that words bring thoughts into physical reality. In addition, every word generates an tangible effect in the more subtle realms of vital or etheric physical energy. There are 4 etheric physical vibratory states beyond the states of solid, liquid and gaseous.

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Original thought is achieved by going beyond what we think we know. This is achieved when we stop thinking. This is in fact a very powerful state and meditation is the single most effective, readily accessible technique for stilling the mind and hence making it receptive to tuning into the source of original thoughts. (Meditation also has well established and scientifically proven health and well-being benefits.) In other words, when the mind becomes still and quiet we end up going beyond the 'mind barrier' into the realm of intuition. (An actual faculty that functions beyond the confines of the mind.) In this way you can achieve results you never could have have thought of, and have the potential of creating extraordinary results.

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We create extraordinary results in the physical world by understanding the factors behind 'Breaking the MIND Barrier™'.

(This is introduced and explored in the book, 'Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters.')


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Soft Diamond Light

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The above principles are based on the following areas

introduced in 'Soft Diamond Light'.



Stop preventing your success


Breaking the MIND Barrier

Creating extraordinary results


Universal Manifestation Principle

Creation | Growth | Completion



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