Honda 2003 Accord Commercial

There is a very profound metaphysical, manifestation principle within the phenomenon of persistence.


“The above commercial was produced by Wieden and Kennedy UK, and features a collection of car parts all coming together to seamlessly trigger dozens of events to promote the reliability of Honda's 2003 Accord.” Jake Easton RADOK NEWS, January 31, 2003


It is a real-time creation:

• It took seven painstaking months to prepare, and 606 video takes.

• Actual filming was performed over four, near sleepless, days in a Paris studio.

• There were no animated tricks used in its production.

• Every complex event took place in a single, uninterrupted two-minute sequence.



Imagine how the entire crew would have felt by the time they got to the 605th video take and it didn't work, yet again. Not sure what was going to happen with the next take? Having to set it all up once again, and do it yet again with the determination and persistence of continuing until they got it right!

Imagine the exhilaration and satisfaction of the next take, number 606 when they achieved their goal.






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